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Re: [SLUG] Stuff you miss from Windows...

David wrote:
> I know this is off-topic, but being in a Microsoft free zone, there is no
> one else I can turn to for info.
> Friends of mine are having nervous breakdowns about the following, quote:
> set to trigger Monday apparently. It is a file called SULFNBK.EXE - 44k in
> ... but I heard on a radio interview that it is in fact a hoax, and that
> SULFNBK.EXE is a system file. Putting aside jokes about the entire Windows
> system being one giant hoax/virus, can anyone shed any light?

If your friends are going to continue to use MS OSs, tell your friends
to stop being lazy cheapskates and get a virus program and a
subscription to a virus list.

I just tell my "friends" that I know nothing about viruses and they will
have to find out from someone else - I figure it is better to be cruel
now and let them learn their lesson. The  more viruses they have to
battle with viruses, the sooner they will move to linux {:-)

It is a hoax and it is a system utility. 
as is often said Google is probably your friend and symantec, norton are
other www's that come to mind

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