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[SLUG] Stuff you miss from Windows...

<quote who="Grant Tester">

> But it does show that I come from a Windows world, and as my very poor
> reading of Jeff's question showed, I've still got a way to go before I get
> my mind free of that.

I think, due to the number of answers re: masquerading, that I asked my
question really terribly. :)

> I'll miss seeing those little red flags next to "Jeff Waugh" and the
> others with their "X-Message-Flag" headers... Mutt, here I come.

Heh. "The things you'll miss..."

I'm not sure what I miss from Windows. I was never much of a game player, so
not too fussed about games. I would have said OE a while back, but I'm over
the need for a GUI mailer now. ;)

Hmm. slug-chat time I think.

- Jeff

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