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[OT] Re: [SLUG] Modem Sharing Client Options

On 2 Jun 01, at 21:29, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> <quote who="Grant Tester">
> > A question I can answer! (but probably shouldn't on the SLUG list)
> > - From possibly the only paid up member of SLUG with an MCSE. :)
> > 
> > Yes from Win98 on, Windows has had "Internet Connection Sharing".
> I didn't think "Accidentally Answering to the List" and "Answering an
> Entirely Different Question With an Entirely Scary Answer" were on the MCSE
> training list. ;)

Actually, I contest that claim. Anyone who has done the MCSE knows that it is 
an acronym for Must Consult Someone Experiencedô and that, in fact, you are 
unable to pass your exam without putting out something which, while being 
entirely factual, has no bearing whatsoever on the situation at hand.

[flames to /dev/null]


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