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Re: [SLUG] SMS & Internet interfaces

Wilson Fletcher wrote:

> Anyone got any ideas of servers in Australia that will provide access to SMS
> (via snpp ?? tap ??? ... ?).
> Also I got these numbers for Optus SMSC. Can anyone verify whether they will
> work ? I haven't tried them yet.
> Optus Australia +61-412025989
> Optus Australia +61-411990000
> Optus Australia +61-411990001
> Optus Australia +61-411990003

I do not know the specific numbers however if you work it out you are 
paying for a connection to a mobile phone number so you are paying for 
the SMS message through dialing the number.

I know Telstra has a similar set up that we use at work,  a modem 
attached to a Unix box that dials up when Big Brother flags an error.


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