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Re: [SLUG] Modem Sharing Client Options

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> Does anyone know of a Free Software IP modem sharing client for Win32?
> Most of the docs I've seen point to Tactical Software's proprietary
> DialOut/IP.  I intend to use a Linux machine and a number of modems, but
> am looking for a good FS solution on the messy Windows end.

Perhaps I did not make myself clear (I've had a bunch of people saying,
"You... Not using Linux? Huh?", "Why don't you use Linux as a serial port
server?" and other such things). Well, that's the point!

[ Windows Boxes ]  -- IP -->  [ Linux Box ]  -- Serial --> Modem --> World

So, the Linux box will be doing serial port sharing via IP, but it's Windows
client machines that need to use the interface. I still haven't found a Free
Software solution to this; any pointers very welcome.

- Jeff

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