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Re: [SLUG] Filesystem Wars (was SLUG Pastimes)

<quote who="John Ferlito">

> 	So with reiser or xfs can I just switch it off and not have too
> many problems. ie this means being turned off without shutdown
> constantly ie say I drove my car everyday it would be turned off 365*2
> times per year.

When I first installed XFS (Andre: Obligatory Reiser suX0rs!) I kicked off a
kernel compile, started off Evolution and The GIMP and had some mailey stuff
being transferred.

Switched off.

Came up fine in no time. XFS is nice'n'fast, too.

> 	Basically should I be able to maintain filesystem integrity. My
> other option is to mount everything read only I could probably get away
> with it but it's just a hassle and I'd rather not.

I reckon a combination of the two would be worthwhile. RO the simple stuff,
and use XFS for var, the mp3s themselves, yada. I use XFS as my root too, so
there's no hassles there.

- Jeff

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