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Re: [SLUG] SLUG Pastimes

On Sat, Jun 02, 2001 at 02:22:00 +1000, David Fisher wrote:

> It should be perfectly obvious to all sensible people that the time is ripe 
> for a filesystem holy war.

holy war joo want, holy war joo'll get!

> Reason being, it's time I put in a journalling filesystem on colossus and 
> arachnid, but, which one?

reiserfs works well for me.  i've been using it for a very long
time and have never suffered data loss because of it, even in
its early days.  currently running it on >60GB on a server
running 2.4.2 with zero problems, and it works spendidly on my
laptop (now on 2.4.5, previously on 2.4.2 with my own patches),
which has had the occasional crash thanks to bleeding-edge X
servers and the like.  journalling is _really_ nice.

personally, i'd think that reiserfs is far more stable than XFS,
only because it's got a lot more testing in the field, and scary
numbers of people (sourceforge, mp3.com) are using it on disk
arrays over 1000GB in size.  the speed of it is nice, too. 
i don't have to wait 2 minutes when i type 'ls -l
/usr/share/doc/<tab>' :)  if you're going to use reiserfs
though, i'd highly recommend you subscribe to the mailing list. 
the folks on there are really helpful, and you will find out if
there is any badness with it, and tips on how to use the more
evil utilities like reiserfsck.

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