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Re: [SLUG] WFWG clients - How

Terry Collins wrote:

> I am looking to retire my Novell 4.11 server but still need to provide
> file and print services to two WFWG clients, which will be naturally off
> a linux server.
> Is anyone still doing this and how?
> My understanding is that Samba gave up WFWG clients sometime ago. The
> other option seems to be to dig out my PCNFS software from storage.

The WFWG should still work with Samba.  The implementation is fairly 
straight forward for WFWG and should not have changed.  There is 
probably a difference between 'works' and 'taking bug requests'.

I suggest that you just set it up and see how it flies.   NFS is a dodgy 
way to go,  I have used hummingbord NFS to a Unix server and it was 
nothing but trouble.  Replaced with Samba and worked flawlessly for 2 
years without support.

You could replace the set up with a Novell emulator on the Linux box, 
less set up on the PC's then.


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