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Re: [SLUG] Installing a new HDD to a linux box - suggestions

<quote who="Mehmet Ozdemir">

> 1:)
> The rhat installer suggests swap to be trwice as large as physical ram, I 
> currently have 768 MB swap, will this be an issue with 512 MB ?

Well, that recommendation is not exactly all that sensible unless the
function of the machine is specified. You sound too excited to be upgrading
a server box, so I'll assume it's your personal machine.

Run 'free'. Check how much swap you're using. If it's anything even remotely
close to 768MB I'd be very surprised. Using any more for swap would be an
even greater colossal waste of space!

> 2:)
> My current 13 GB is setup as 768 MB swap and the rest as "/" any
> suggestions on mounting the second disk. It will be used primarily for
> storing mp3's, and video. I was going just mount it off /storage. Is the ok ??

You could, though it might be more sensible to mount it as /home. My current
setup looks like this:

/dev/hda2 on / type xfs (rw)
/dev/hdc2 on /var type xfs (rw)
/dev/hdc5 on /home/music type xfs (rw)
solid:/home/sol1/internal on /home/jdub/Sol1/internal type nfs
solid:/home/sol1/www on /home/jdub/Sol1/www type nfs
solid:/home/sol1/public on /home/jdub/Sol1/public type nfs
stinky:/public/mp3 on /home/jdub/Sol1/mp3 type nfs

In your case, /home is probably a good idea. The largeer disk of my two is
hda, so I've only split away the var and music partitions because they're
independently high read/write from hda. /var would probably do well on hda
now that the music one is filling up...

> I havn't done this in a while, but the steps are disk, mkfs and mount
> (and entry into fstab) right ??

Yep, and I highly recommend mkfs.xfs ;)

- Jeff

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