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Re: [SLUG] Spam creaping through

On 1 Jun 01, at 22:22, John Ferlito wrote:

> MAIL FROM:<> is for bounce messages. Dont block them as this violates
> RFC 1123
> (and more to the point, will cause lots of us here to block your
> mailserver).

  I have been seeing a large surge in spam from <> to my email server (not 
Linux unfortunately, but Mercury is a decent server for win32) and I have not 
yet found an ideal way to block such spam. If the claimed from addresses were 
the same or similar, I could block by from: (in header), but I've been getting 
10-20 emails from different addresses and domains a day, all from <>.
  Would it be viable to block emails where mail from envelope doesn't match the 
mail from header?


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