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Re: [SLUG] Linux Instructor

Can I put in my $0.02.2 worth (GST included) ?

Committee, can we just have this moron blocked by the mailing list software, 
and get on with our lives, Hmmm ???

He needs to go find his !


On Thu, 31 May 2001 14:49, Daniel Whomes wrote:
> Terry,
> Thanks for the brave move of 'cc'ing the slug list with my email. Very big
> of you. Strange that you insinuate that Linux people are stupid. I did not.
> I am merely trying to find a candidate for my client. Yes I will make a
> small profit from placing someone with the client, but I am not working for
> free. In very dicey marketplace I am merely asked a polite question to see
> if anyone knows of a Linux Instructor looking for work in the Sydney area.
> There was no need for the comments you made to me in the previous email
> before mine, which I notice you weren't brave enough to leave on.
> If anyone on the slug list has had their time wasted byt these emails, I
> apologise on my part. That was not my intention.
> Regards,
> Daniel Whomes
> AustCorp Recruitment Pty Ltd
> Tel: ++61 2 8920 8483
> Fax: ++61 2 8920 9559
> 0414 757 227
> Email: danielwhomes@nospam.austcorprec.com
> -----Original Message-----
> From: terryc@nospam.woa.com.au [mailto:terryc@nospam.woa.com.au]
> Sent: Thursday, 31 May 2001 2:34 PM
> To: Daniel Whomes
> Cc: Slug List
> Subject: Re: [SLUG] Linux Instructor
> Daniel Whomes wrote:
> > Terry,
> >
> > Drop the 'God' complex. Those days are gone. In the market today,
> candidates
> > are sometimes, believe it or not, 'happy' that I might be trying my
> hardest
> > to contact them in regards to a new job. I know clients appreciate these
> > efforts when they are desparate to fill a position. So thanks for the
> > website, but the comments aren't needed and are childish.
> sigh!/rofl
> Yes, I am CC'ing your private reply to the Slug list.
> Daniel
> It has nothing to do with GOD or children. Agencies are NOT welcome on
> the Slug list - end of story.
> You are basically asking people to pay for receiving advertising from
> you. You are advertising to make money for yourself. I object to you
> taking money out of my pocket so you can put money in your pocket. Yes,
> people have to pay to receive that spam that you sent.
> You are right, the days are gone when people meakly accepted work
> offered to them. They know the blood, sweat and tears that they have had
> to do to build up a competitive set of skills in a changing marketplace
> where company loyalty is just a hollow phrase.
> I CC'd your private email to the Slug list bcause of your self-righteous
> attitude that you have the authority to spam the Slug list whilst
> seeking to line your pockets.  "I know clients appreciate these efforts
> when they are desparate to fill a position"
> A) If someone (not your client) is desperate to find a position, don't
> you think they would have already sent you their CV? Although I doubt
> that any person on this list will now send you their resume. Linux
> skilled people are not stupid.
> B) All you have done is call into question your own ethics and the
> ethics of AustCorp Recruitment and that is why I have CC'd this to the
> Slug list. You can bet your bottom dollar that your "client" will now
> know of your unethical approach. We would like to know if your "client"
> supports this approach because it would call into question their own
> ethics.
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