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RE: [SLUG] ADSL with two pair cable [slightly OT]

> >>Most domestic premises have two pair cabling which allows two separate
> >>services.
> >>
> >>1. Has anyone any experiences with cross talk from an ADSL enabled pair
> >>over to the other non-ADSL enabled pair, or between two ADSL enabled
> >>pairs?
> >>

yes I had a cross talk issue at my home.

I have a master filter installed to a 4 wire circuit in my home which is working
fine now.  But that wasn't always the case...

When they did the ADSL install the tech installed a Master filter which split
the normal pair for phone from the ADSL pair.

This worked ok for a while but gradually got worse over time as I noticed a lot
of background noise, and ADSL dropouts.
The tech can back and we ran another (twisted) pair for the ADSL circuit which
was well clear of the phone pair and fixed the problem.
So Cross talk can definately be an issue.

> >>2. Is the Telstra offering splitterless or bandpass filtered?
> >>

As I understand the setup it is just simple bandpass filters which split the
signal from phone and ADSL data.  But I recomend you insist on the Master
Filter, the small line filters are pretty useless.

> >>--
> >>Howard.  LANNet Computing Associates <http://lannetlinux.com>

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