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SMTPD Re: [SLUG] Spam creaping through

Keywords: mail filter, smtpd, obtuse systems,

Peter McCarthy wrote:
> Howdy
> I have been playing with our sendmail config stuff to filter unwanted email and
> it has been working well up to a point.
> I read that sendmail will automatically reject email that does not have a host
> name that resolves, however this does not seem to be working for the following
> example.

At the risk of boring those who already know, but a useful proogy to
keep in mind is SMTPD from http://www.obtuse.com/.

It is a proxy that sits in front of any mailer and allows you to apply
your own/other filtering. If you can write a script easier than config a
mailer, worth keeping in mind. If needed, a quick fix from one hours

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