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[SLUG] Job thread....

You could just ignore the original post if you are not after work and maybe
read it if you are.

I know many people don't read my posts because I use Outlook...has that
stopped me from using it...I also don't read some peoples posts because they
choose to disable the preview in outlook, thats their choice and I respect
that and just delete their messages.

whats the big deal...as long as there is not loads of spam on here who gives
a monkies if the odd job post comes through.
I do agree that agencies should not be posting, but then again, someone who
is on the list may find a job out of it. (it may be YOU)

Seriously some people here just like to preach to anyone that does not
conform to their way of thinking...take a chill pill.

I spend more time deleting flames about stuff than anything else..

I have asked questions in the past and have very good assistance and I thank
slug for that, but stop the dribble....I though slug-chat was supposed to
stop this kinda thing...

(please delete this too)



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> Subject: Re: [SLUG] Possible FAQ
> How about this: One person takes on the role of publishing once
> a week, in one email, job/contract vacancies. These would only be
> current, specific Linux oriented requirements, not general "if
> you contact us we'll find something for you". The job-publisher
> would be contacted by email by contractors, and has the right
> to re-word, reject, and to tone down all hyperbole.
> The once weekly email should be published even if there are no
> notices, and should contain contact details, and a short
> statement of our job posting policy.
> Is this a good idea? Who would volunteer to do this?
> [ Aside: The essence of why one short job notice might not be
> objectionable and another is seems to be whether the poster
> has contributed to SLUG in the past (apart from length and
> marketing type goobledegook).
> It strikes me an easy way for a person or organisation to contribute
> on their terms is for us to provide for paid advertising.
> The tone of responses seems that most of us would not particularly
> relish this. ]
> Jamie
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