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[SLUG] Installing a new HDD to a linux box - suggestions

Hello All,

With the recent price drops in HW, I decided to do some upgrades. 

Along with uprgading to 512 MB of ram :), I'll be adding a 20 GB IDE disk 
to my existing 13 GB linux disk. Now on with the questions.

The rhat installer suggests swap to be trwice as large as physical ram, I 
currently have 768 MB swap, will this be an issue with 512 MB ?

My current 13 GB is setup as 768 MB swap and the rest as "/" any
suggestions on mounting the second disk. It will be used primarily for
storing mp3's, and video. I was going just mount it off /storage. Is the ok ??

I havn't done this in a while, but the steps are disk, mkfs and mount
(and entry into fstab) right ??


Mehmet Ozdemir

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