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[SLUG] Spam creaping through


I have been playing with our sendmail config stuff to filter unwanted email and
it has been working well up to a point.

I read that sendmail will automatically reject email that does not have a host
name that resolves, however this does not seem to be working for the following
We quite frequently receive an email from hahaha@nospam.sexyfun.net with an attachment
that is a virus.
I have the filter inplace to block this address but it still manages to get
I tracked the mail delivery and noiced that it seems to have no "from" address
as the following log shows

Jun  1 13:04:19 mail sendmail[24597]: NAA24597: from=<>, size=33261, class=0,
pri=63261, nrcpts=1, msgid=<200106010303.NAA24597@nospam.mail.asap.net.au>, proto=SMTP,
relay=async116-syd-isp-236.nas.one.net.au []
Jun  1 13:04:23 mail sendmail[24605]: NAA24597: to=<user@nospam.asap.net.au>,
delay=00:00:34, xdelay=00:00:04, mailer=local, stat=Sent

This explains why it get past the filter, but no why sendmail doesn't
automatically bin it as the send address does not reslove.
Any ideas on how I should attack this ?

Also how do I specify the MaxMessageSize parameter to be a value using the
sendmail.mc file ?


Peter McCarthy

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