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[SLUG] ADSL w/ 2 pair cable


You said:

> 1. Has anyone any experiences with cross talk from an ADSL enabled pair
> over to the other non-ADSL enabled pair, or between two ADSL enabled
> pairs?

I had two active lines in my unit before I activated ADSL.  One of my lines was 
voice, and the other was reserved for data calls (my parents frequently 
complain that they can't contact me 'coz I'm using the Internet all the time).

The second line was converted to ADSL, and worked well.  I could connect out to 
the Internet through the ADSL line, and through a splitter, dial into home over 
the same line, and get 33.6k connections.

I essentially became my own ISP - I could dial up from anywhere in the world to 
my gateway machine, and browse the Internet across the ADSL link.

The setup worked well, as I only had to pay the rental charges for the second 
line (it registered no outbound calls for the 4 months I had ADSL installed).

> 2. Is the Telstra offering splitterless or bandpass filtered?

I had a splitter box on my line - ADSL in one end of the box, clean voice line 
out the other.

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