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Re: [SLUG] Possible FAQ

How about this: One person takes on the role of publishing once
a week, in one email, job/contract vacancies. These would only be
current, specific Linux oriented requirements, not general "if 
you contact us we'll find something for you". The job-publisher 
would be contacted by email by contractors, and has the right 
to re-word, reject, and to tone down all hyperbole.

The once weekly email should be published even if there are no
notices, and should contain contact details, and a short 
statement of our job posting policy.

Is this a good idea? Who would volunteer to do this?

[ Aside: The essence of why one short job notice might not be 
objectionable and another is seems to be whether the poster 
has contributed to SLUG in the past (apart from length and 
marketing type goobledegook).

It strikes me an easy way for a person or organisation to contribute 
on their terms is for us to provide for paid advertising.

The tone of responses seems that most of us would not particularly 
relish this. ]


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