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Re: [SLUG] ADSL with two pair cable [slightly OT]

When i had mine installed i asked the telstra tech about it
Apparently in a given bundle, only about 2-3/10 lines can have
adsl otherwise you get interferance. So if your considering it
stop considering and start ordering as in a street only a handful
of houses can have adsl (or in my street of about 15, only
maybe 4 can have it)

They supply you with up to 3 inline filters for your handsets
and if you have 4 or more handsets they install one master filter
thingy (apparently). I dont think you should have more than 4
connecting devices anyway, i recall hearing that it splits the
signal too much.

Linux runs bigpond adsl as perfectly as i can imagine. My tip
is *not* to get 256kbps (if your getting a home plan), get the
512k. For $10/m your making your life that muych better ;)

(apparently the pit street data center will be in place in
6 months... apparently)


Vince Meissner wrote:

> I have a multi pair cable comming into my place, there doesn't seem to be
> any noticable interference from the ADSL enabled line to the other lines.
> For ADSL you just connect the ADSL modem straight into the line,
> To use a normal phone, fax, modem etc,  you need to use a double adapter,
> and then a filter (supplied with most ADSL modems) on the lead going to
> the phone.
> -Vince
> Howard Lowndes wrote:
>>Most domestic premises have two pair cabling which allows two separate
>>1. Has anyone any experiences with cross talk from an ADSL enabled pair
>>over to the other non-ADSL enabled pair, or between two ADSL enabled
>>2. Is the Telstra offering splitterless or bandpass filtered?
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