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[SLUG] SLUG Meeting - Friday, 30th June

                   SLUG Meeting - Friday, 30th June 2000

In addition to our usual antics, Conrad's Linux news (though Conrad will be
looking suspiciously like Anand this month), and Jason's cool software
review, we'll have:

PHP4 & Zend  by  Matt Allen & Graeme Merrall

Matt and Graeme will be covering the new features of PHP4, recently released
to the delight of web tinkerers everywhere. They will also be giving us an
overview of the technology beneath PHP4 (and new Open Source startup
company), Zend.

SLUG Religious Wars

For the first Religious Wars event, we're covering possibly the most
vitriolic debate of them all: Vi vs. Emacs. The topic, in the style of a
formal debate (though we don't expect this debate will stay formal for very
long) with affirmative and negative teams, is:

                         "That vi is for newbies."

A number of people have already taken positions, but there are places left
on the teams. Please email me if you're interested. The debate will be fast
and furious, with speakers having only two minutes to state their case.

Linux Kernel NFS Support: Open Source / Open Development
by Neil Brown

"In this talk I will discuss some of my experiences in getting involved with
development of "knfsd" - the Kernel based NFS server in Linux.  As the
people are as much a part of the process as the code, I will spend about
half the time introducing you to some of the names in the Linux NFS world
and talk about how the community works, and the remainder talking about some
of the outstanding issues with knfsd, and approaches that might be needed to
resolve them." - Neil

- Jeff

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