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[SLUG] Cool tip for the day (make pdf's for free)

Ok...so I spent about a bilion years downloading star office 5.2. This version
is really good, if a bit sluggish on my p233/96mb ram. So I have been dreaming
for some time of how to create my own .pdf files without paying a heap for
Adobe Acrobat. Most of the docs I want to pdfify (pdf - i - fy) are M$ word
docs. The new import filters are good enough to handle most word docs, so I now
simply load the .doc file. Then I do a print to file (e.g. myfile.ps) which I
then run through ps2pdf (e.g. ps2pdf myfile.ps myfile.pdf). Churn churn and a
few seconds later you have yourself a nifty looking platform independent free
pdf file.

Hope that was of use to someone out there!


Tim Sutton
ICQ: 6712273

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the number zero?

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