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RE: [ProgSoc] Re: [EXEC] http://www.progsoc.uts.edu.au


You never cease to piss me off. I recall doing a sample
(www.jj5.net/progsoc/) using XHTML and CSS2 for you that you ignored
last year in favour of copy-and-pasting from google and any other site
you could find - now you start singing this mantra:

> With regards to Catie's concept site at 
> <www.progsoc.uts.edu.au/~liedra/website/>; when it is finished, I
> like to go through each file of code and eliminate deprecated tags, 
> converting the site to be fully CSS2 compliant. (Using div's and spans

> and the like whilst removing tables, etc) Whilst doing this I would 
> naturally be careful to keep the exact same look and feel of the site 
> that Catie believes we should have. I would also like to add and
> code (superficially only -this would not impact upon the look or 
> functionality of the site) to make it more friendly to visually
> visitors and their text-to-speech software by making it standards 
> compliant to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 and U.S. 
> Section 508 Guidelines for Accessibility by impaired persons.
> This is essentially all I really wanted to do with the site in my
> efforts anyway.

I'm glad someone else is working on it now, but I still wish we were
going for the 'black' look. By the way: div's and span's have nothing to
do with 'CSS2 compliance'. Presumably you've read the CSS2 specification
so you would understand this. Btw: they actually cite <TABLE> as an
example element, see: http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-CSS2/conform.html#element

If accessibility is your goal, then CSS2 is a bad move, I'm not aware of
any browsers that actually support the full specification. How many
complaints does ProgSoc get regarding its accessibility by 'impaired
persons' (taken to exclude socially-impaired) each year anyway? Beyond
the geek factor (which is admirable), I'm pretty sure that the
effort-vs-reward would be minimal.

> Although my revamp last year pulled the site together in a logical and

> standardised fashion across the entire site, It was only a stopgap 
> measure. The code is obsolete and badly needs to be overhauled, along 
> with the outdated content. There is a lot of work to be done, and I
> forward to working with Catie on it.

Er, does this mean after one year all you managed to accomplish was some
file and directory renaming? You must be really good at copy-and-pasting
by now. I can't help thinking that what you really mean by the above is:
"I look forward to watching Catie do all the work and attempting to get
my name pinned on it somewhere".

> I would also like to suggest that at the bottom of the Index page we 
> include an A-Z menu for quick easy access to all parts of the site
> one location. However I will go over this and more with Catie. I do
> wish to bore you with specifics.

Perhaps you are forgetting this is 'ProgSoc'. The specifics will not
bore us, the idea of an 'A-Z easy access menu' bores me, but I'd love to
know how you plan to achieve this. What clever strategy are you going to
put in place to make sure such a menu is easily kept up to date? Or are
you planning to get some practice in on the data-entry skills you will
need so badly once you start looking for a job?

> My enthusiasm is undying Elden.

Which is a shame, I think I'd like you more if it was crushed out of

> P.S. I believe there is a way ProgSoc could potentially make several 
> hundred new members this semester, and increase member activity
> If you wish to talk to me about how this could happen, you know my
> address. This is by no means a joke, I am absolutely serious, and I 
> think I may have found a good use for Trogdor...

So what is your agenda Andi? World domination, or a meagre attempt to
drag ProgSoc's collective IQ down to your level?

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm sick of having your gratuitous
self-promotion rammed down my throat.

Btw: I don't even go to the ProgSoc website. I just had a look at it
now, the first two things I tried didn't work, then I gave up. i.e.
there is no WebMail so why is there a link there, that's a little
useless, and you can't POST to the search facility.


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