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Re: [ProgSoc] Re: Beer (really!)

> Beer is good except large scale american beer which != beer anyway.
> Now for truly excellent beer you must go to places where they take pride in
> their brewing and the beer be fresh. Even VB tastes decent when you get it
> fresh, ie at the brewery.

This is generally true, but nonetheless, some imports taste damn good. 
So far the discussion has focussed mainly on Aussie and European beers - 
can I point out that the Japanese Asahi beer is a damn fine specimen - 
intensely refreshing and refined - kinda a polar opposite to Coopers. 
Admittedly it is more of a summer beer; a great companion to sashimi. 
For that matter, there is a place on Cleveland St called Sushi Suma - go 
there if you get a chance. Very inconspicuous entrance, always packed to 
the brim with mostly Japanese ppl, and definitely not the place for a 
long meal including light, witty conversation. But the food is 
top-notch, and quite cheap too.


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