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[ProgSoc] Slow Network Response from FreeBSD


I am having trouble with FreeBSD server I have set up that is running as
an internet gateway, mail server and SAMBA server for a local network.

The server is slow to respond to connections on ports 110 and 25 from most
computers on the internal network. There is one that it responds to
immediately, the rest connect immediately but take between 30 and 60
seconds to actually bring up the initial welcome string. The computer that
has an OK response time is not running dhcp and the others are, however I
have tried setting static IP configs on the others and it has not changed
the delay. The problem seems to have just spontaneously started one day,
with no known configuration changes or anything on the server around that

I have tried reinstalling qpopper (the POP3 package on the server) with no
success. The server responds fine as a gateway, i.e. serving web requests
from the internal network to the internet.

At this point I am somewhat perplexed as to what to do. My next step would
be to replace the internal network card but it doesn't stand to reason
that that should achieve anything.

I have checked the logs, process list, memory and processor usage and all
seem to be performing well.

Has anyone seen this sort of thing before / got any suggestions?


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