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[ProgSoc] X and afterstep and app geometries


I'm toying with my afterstep configuration.

Problem no 1:
I want mozilla to begin when I login. This is easily accomplished with 
the autoexec file, and it works. The only this is, I want to force it to 
be placed at location 0,0 (i.e. the top left corner of the screen). As 
far as I can tell, this is not easily done with normal mozilla command 
line options. It can be done using the Afterstep database file, but the 
problem here is that all subsequent Mozilla dialog boxes appear in the 
corner as well, which in not what I want. ideas?

Problem no 2:
I would like mozilla browser to start in workspace no 1, and mozilla 
mail to start in workspace no 2. I got no idea how to do this.

Problem 3:
I'm using gmc as a file manager. any ideas on how to get it to start 
with the detailed file view rather than icons?



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