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Re: [ProgSoc] Why 'ftoomsh'? (non-buggered version)

> I forgot to mention Big Train.  Big Train had the shock factor of Smack
> the Pony except it had guys in it, eg the office where everybody wants
> the right to, erm, well you know the one if you've seen it.

Ah yes, I loved watching Big Train. They had some greatly imaginative
ideas like "the artist formerly known as prince" stalking a herd of
jockeys and killing one like a lion hunting antelope. The jockey's legs
even thrashed while prince was suffocating it - now that's the sort of
detail that makes a dark comedy. ;)

However you can't go past The League of Gentlemen for dark shock factor
and pure zaniness. Fantastic stuff. That eccentric, murderous couple who
didn't like out-of-towners and kept asking "are you looocal?" made me
crack up in Robert Rist's lectures sometimes because he had a thing for
"locals" too, and sometimes said similar things.


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