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Re: [ProgSoc] software and food recipes

On Tue, 15 May 2001, Callina Greenslade wrote:

> Hungary Jacks was original created as an Australian arm of Burger King
> (America). They couldnt open Burger Kings as there was already a guy with
> a shop calld "Burger King".... i asume the guy has now sole the right to

That's right;  when the guy who bought the franchise for Australia tried
to open as "Burger King", he couldn't, because there happened to be a
burger store by that name already.  That store has long gone.

> his shop name to the parent compant which has sold the franchises... i
> wish i knew how the two companys started competing with each other...

No, I don't think that store sold the name.  Seven or eight years ago the
fast food chains were in an expansionary mode around the world, including
Australia, but the owner of the Hungry Jacks franchise licence wanted to
stay put and felt content with a few stores like George St and Parramatta
Church St.

Burger King USA got pissed, and handed out new franchises anyway, opening
new stores here (with the Burger King name, since it didn't matter
anymore);  the local guy sued because he had the exclusive rights to open
stores here;  he may have won for a while but eventually he lost the legal
process and five years ago Burger King stores started popping up

About the same time, they sorted out their confusing menu and aligned it
with Macca's, and shamelessly copied the style of french fries (nobody
really preferred any other style) and even started their own 30c cone.

The terms of the original Hungry Jacks licence were probably different and
more lenient because those stores don't have to participate in the limited
offers, yet he still gets the benefit of promotion of course.

> also the grilled chick burgers are the only thing i've found to be
> different between the two ( BK : mayo v HJ : ranch sauce )

The menus have diverged more recently with the $2 burgers.  As much as I
enjoy the Whoppers, they're just way too much food for any typical day.

<musical sting>

> "dont look at me! i'm irrelevent"

Ah, certainly the most famous line ever utterred by a box of matches.

<extended musical sting>

Ohmigod!  What time is it?!  To the station!


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