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Re: [ProgSoc] software and food recipes

On Sat, 12 May 2001 18:50, James Wan wrote:
 ] > Microsoft is a damn fine business, too.  Very smart, very mean.
 ] So does this mean you predict the software industry to become like the
 ] fast food industry?

 Microsoft is a marketing company that just happens to sell software.

 The Scottish restaurant is similarly unencumbered with considerations
 regarding their apparent business, because their core business just
 happens to be marketing too (well, real estate, at the moment).  They
 used to be in the entertainment business.  They haven't been about
 food for eons.  Note that this is according to their own exec's .. not
 just market watchers.

 This explains why one of the directors can sit in a court of law and
 when asked 'what's healthy about your product' can say, with a
 straight face, that their coca cola mix has water in it, and everyone
 needs water to survive.   Food just isn't something they know much
 about, or need to know much about.

 It'd be like asking an MS dude about why their operating systems
 always use, even in idle non-loaded states, about 20% more memory
 than the box has RAM.  Computers obviously confuse them .. but that's
 fine, because their core business has little or nothing to do with computers.


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