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Re: [ProgSoc] GPL

> That's a damn stupid argument.  You can cross the road to your other local
> shopkeeper.  You can't cross the road to your other local OS vendor.

You can choose a different product off the shelf.

> And this is the most obvious flame-bait.  It's so factually incorrect I
> barely know where to start.  Here's a few things to think over.  If
> capitalist and "free markets" are so great, why do we need so many laws
> regulating "competition"?  Why do we have an ACCC?  Why do we regulate
> emissions from cars?  Why does the price of privatised utilities always
> rise?

Having more laws does not correlate to the fact a bad system exists. You
cannot draw conclusions other than it is circumstantial. ACCC exists to
make the public feel they are protected at large, and if you knew anything
about the ACCC at all, you would realise they are a toothless tiger who
don't have the gall to rock the boat. Car emission control stems from
environmental issues, its just that a couple of greenies decided to make
alot of noise about pollution and so the government bowed down to these
pressures so they could win the next election.

Price of utilities rise because of inflation.

> Pharaceutical companies - like all companies - exist to make a
> profit.  Anything else is secondary at best.  Linking new medical
> technology to capitalism is as stupid as linking space travel to
> post-Stalinism.

Two separate issues. post Stalinism and space travel was linked to space
race to prove that Communism was a better idealistic system than
capitalism, yeh they might've got the first man into space, but look where
that country is now. Medical technology has improved because of
capitalism, look where most of the new advances are made, in the USA. So
there's your link.

> name-calling it's damned easy, but I prefer to address issues.  Cuba's
> hardly a worker's paradise (although I know you don't understand why) but
> they train doctors from other Latin-American countries free.  The US just
> bombs hospitals.

Training doctors and coming up with new surgical techniques and devices
are again different issues. We are talking about being to develop and
protect new ideas and advances, not training techniques.
Cuba was raised so that Marxists like you would realise that if you wanted
that kind of system it was already in place and the outcome is evident.
Dragging the US and other capitalist nations down to that level is what
you and other sinister Stallman advocates plot to do in your attempt at
social change.

Bombing hospitals is just collateral damage. War is justified, its in our
genes and it makes good money.

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