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Re: [ProgSoc] Re: Helping Hand

One more to the list:
	backups  :)

Needs doing ASAP or earlier.  Add to that the rearrangement of the home
directories.  Telford can tell us a little about that.

	backups -- probably goes on the CSO's list anyway, but I'm
		defining it here
	webcam -- probably stays on Wim's list, but ditto
	sc2000list -- Matt had a good idea to invite the world's best and
		brightest Sparc SMP experts to have accounts on our newold
		(and possibly the world's most SMP) sparc linux box.  I'd
		be happy to maintain a list for them to exchange info on.
	registrar -- maybe we should split this for
		* organising the physical presence(s) of senior members
		* organising the SQL rollover and locking etc
			(could be the CSO, if s/he so desires)

The CSO then approves the appointments and coordinates all these
people.  (this is the suggestion we had out of the previous Exec).

When we sort all this out, the admin list will then contain all the people
who are responsible for the above.

Some good news -- a friend at work gave me a box of 5 DAT tapes from her
previous work and I think we can simply use them in our tape drive.  
Saved $50 or $100 maybe.


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