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Re: [ProgSoc] GPL

On Fri, 4 May 2001, jedd wrote:

>  research potential breachs and partake in legal action.  This may
>  change -- for example, you'd be a damn fool to try to take any of
>  IBM's changes to Apache and flog 'em as a binary-only release.

Unfortunately I agree with your gloomy outlook for the most part, though
here we see a great example of how the GPL can fulfil its promise once it
gains some largescale adoption from big companies like IBM.  If a big
company likes a piece of GPL enough, interesting things start to happen.

Not that Microsoft would likely take part in the Bazaar, would it?  
Though I wonder just what kind of attractive GPL software it would take to
woo Microsoft in.  Is it at all possible?  You might have expected the
proliferation of TCP/IP to be an example, but all we have to show is more
questions, not answers.  :-/


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