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Re: [ProgSoc] What to do with the SparcCenter2000E...

> OK, good news and bad...
> I swapped a few more boards around and got it to the point of showing
> and <OK> prompt and also it will netboot the debian tftp installer.
> Unfortunately it seems to hang while setting up swap space on the
> hard drive. This time it looks like it IS an OS problem. No, I haven't
> tried Solaris on it, I don't think I'll try much more today because of
> time limitations.
> Hmmm, actually as I type this I see that the thing hadn't crashed at
> all it was checking for bad blocks and eventually came back.
> The debian menu-based installer is kind of difficult to use on a vt100
> because it doesn't highlight the menu option that you have chosen as
> a result I have ended up doing a bad-block scan on the whole (largish)
> drive. Well, I'll leave that running for now... 

Excellent! Once you have the OS up and running we can look at getting
2.4 on to it. I should be passing by Sydney in about two weeks so
we can work on it then.

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