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Re: [ProgSoc] Auto SMS Sender

Well Mobemail is the go! simple and easy, free and thus far unlimited! Well you have to clear out your inbox on the site every now and then but it its well worth it!

Redrock seems to be a fantastic allin one solution, unfortunately their MessageNet is a bit pricy.  The FreeSMS is well.. free which is great!  But it's web based and uses cookies to tell who's logged in, thus who's sending the SMS.  Out of curiosity, how would I set this up in a command line fashion?  the site uses asp pages, which shouldn't make too much difference right?

Thanks for all the help.


At 12:03 AM 20/03/2001 +1100, jedd wrote:
On Mon, 19 Mar 2001 17:03, David Gonzalez wrote:
 ] While we're on the topic of SMS, does anyone know how to set up the
 ] functionality to automatically send an SMS to a phone given a certain
 ] event.  That is, if (computer spontaneously combusts) { send SMS to phone
 ] }   ?????

 I do this with netsaint and a couple of small bash scripts.  Netsaint
 comes complete with a bunch of plugins that include just about
 every type of monitoring, including the monitoring of cpu / users / etc
 on other machines.  You need to write some as-simple-as-you-want
 scripts to generate the pages.  For that, I use the redrock (.com.au)
 service - all you do is send a message to <number>@nospam.<theiraddress>,
 and away it goes.  From my netsaint box at work, it's about 15 seconds
 from when a problem is picked up, to when my phone starts to beep.


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