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Re: [ProgSoc] Auto SMS Sender

On Mon, 19 Mar 2001 17:03, David Gonzalez wrote:
 ] While we're on the topic of SMS, does anyone know how to set up the 
 ] functionality to automatically send an SMS to a phone given a certain 
 ] event.  That is, if (computer spontaneously combusts) { send SMS to phone 
 ] }   ?????

 I do this with netsaint and a couple of small bash scripts.  Netsaint
 comes complete with a bunch of plugins that include just about
 every type of monitoring, including the monitoring of cpu / users / etc
 on other machines.  You need to write some as-simple-as-you-want
 scripts to generate the pages.  For that, I use the redrock (.com.au)
 service - all you do is send a message to <number>@nospam.<theiraddress>,
 and away it goes.  From my netsaint box at work, it's about 15 seconds
 from when a problem is picked up, to when my phone starts to beep.


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