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[ProgSoc] Auto SMS Sender

While we're on the topic of SMS, does anyone know how to set up the functionality to automatically send an SMS to a phone given a certain event.  That is, if (computer spontaneously combusts) { send SMS to phone }   ?????

I know there are some apps out there that make this functionality available through the use of a modem or GSM module and whatnot.  But are there any web based interfaces that allow you to do this?

Do any carriers have this service?


At 03:17 PM 19/03/2001 +1100, Eliseo d'Annunzio wrote:
> The control code for flashing text is 0x0001.  (Flashing SMS requires
> a 16-bit-per-character text encoding rather than the usual 8-bit
> encoding.)  I presume there are websites that will compose and send
> these for you, but if you have a data kit you could do it yourself
> using the above.

I'm thinking the possibility of a) the SMS ASCII set and b) Escape codes may come into it. Matt, does this control code "0x0001" toggle the text or is there an off-control code for flashing text? Also do you know if there is an equivalent escape sequence available? By the way, is that code in binary or in hex?

I know of the Xmas tree message that was referred to, I received it as well... it tended to be sent to the Nokia range of phones, generally the xx10 range. So possibly looking into the Nokia SMS protocol might be our next line of approach?

Eliseo d'Annunzio
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