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RE: [ProgSoc] MS Access question

> I hate to admit it but I have used MS Access.
> I can at least say that the newer versions (with VB) are worse
> than the older versions (with non-OO Access basic) basically because
> all the OO stuff in VB is a lot of effort for next to no reward.


How about it brings about a certain consitancy.. at the very least an object
model that makes sense and is re-useable.

I have developed for many different incarnations of Access, and if that is
all you do then you *may* have a valid argument, but soon as you start
developing across applications you quickly appreciate the contistancy, that
you don't have to deal with the differences between VBA for Word vs VBA for
Excel vs the VBA for Access.

If you consider "no reward" the improved integration and the minimal time to
resuse code across applications then I will agree with you that the "OO VB
way" takes a bit more typing for the same functionality.

The same argument is being applied to OO in general. If you don't code reuse
then OO doesn't really bring much to the development table apart from a
closer resemblence to certain design techniques.

As for the original question, I am going to see what I can do, just let me
play with some ideas first. No promises though :P


James Wright 

"Quote? We don't need no stinking quote?"