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[ProgSoc] MS Access question

hi all

i need some help on how to tackle an Access programming problem.
first a brief rundown of what i'm trying to do;

we have two main tables, one with store details and with media
publication details. There is a third index table matching up which
store are "covered" by which publications.

i need to create an Access (97 or 2000) form that alloows the user to
search either by store details and bring up a list of media
publications, or vice versa.

it's a cinch to write the queries etc, and i could do it in 2 seconds
in ASP, but to get this user interface functionality in Access is
prooving to be a pain.

now a couple of questions.

i've got queries like;

SELECT [Stores].[suburb], [Stores].[state], [Stores].[storetype]
FROM Coverage INNER JOIN Stores ON
WHERE Coverage.mediaId =
    (SELECT Media.id 
     FROM Media 
     WHERE Media.name = Forms![Search Form]![name].text 
     AND Media.type2 = Forms![Search Form]![mediatype])
ORDER BY [Stores].[storetype];

and i have created a user input form (hence the links to the fields
in the above query). I can get that form to launch the query using a
macro, and i can also get the form to launch another form to display
the results of the query nicely, but i can't get the first form to
pass on the user entered data to the query (ie: the above
forms![search form]!name.text syntax does not work)

how can i get that data into the query or is there an altogether
better approach?



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