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Re: [ProgSoc] Just Lay It To Rest

On Sun, 28 May 2000, Eliseo d'Annunzio wrote:

> heck no... I say we take charge and push ahead... and who cares if UTS says 
> no to the idea, I say we go ahead with the UTG! Well definitely the CPS, TFB 
> and UTSQ3

umm... not to put a downer on aything, BUT... when my brother was doing
his thesis on building escape modelling for such fun things as fires and
bomb threats, his plan was to model the UTS tower.  had the go-ahead from
his lecturor and faculty (mech eng) but the people who hold the plans for
the building is security and building services, and it seems that they
wont give out any of it, no matter who's authorised it.  So actually
plannin this tetris gig on the tower building will be near impossible
(imho) without any plans of the room layouts and so forth.

But, one way that would be actually easy is to write a simple net client
which can be customised for each floor/room, and havelike 400 of them
communicating with a central progsoc server and controlling the screen of
the pc it is running on to display what it should.   Just have to go into
every room of the tower and point the screens of every pc out the window.

Is it sounding near impossible yet?


	         Tim Johnson is : timj@nospam.progsoc.uts.edu.au

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