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Re: [ProgSoc] bent over and ...

On Sat, May 27, 2000 at 07:56:14PM +1000, Dr. Love wrote:
> class diagrams are 'sposed to come before the code??... well that's news
> to my ears.
> damn, now ithink about it, that makes sense.

The activity of ``programming'' is rather poorly understood in my opinion
but fundamentally it is about organising a complex activity into a
structured set of simple activities. OO programming (and OO design and
OO anything else) is about one possible technique to help you organise
your programs. It isn't an amazing thing that fixes all the world's
problems (only GPL can do that) and it isn't the only possible way to
do things.

With any complex structure, there is great value in the ability to see
beyond the surface detail and make sense of the deep linkages that hold
it together. This skill may be equally well applied when designing a program,
when writing a prototype, when debugging a system or when reverse engineering
someone else's work. 

The design process is about problem solving, about searching for possible
solutions and pruning that search to the ones most likely to be fruitful.
The relationship between stages in the design process and the organisation
of the end result is very indirect, I know that I like to write scrappy
bits of code first, then polish them up a bit, then think about how to
organise them all together, then rewrite them a few more times till I'm
happy with the result.

Speaking of which, one of my FEM results just came back, and looks exactly
like it should look! Woo hoo! I'm off to celebrate! Then I'll have to
rewrite the whole thing one more time to make a production quality version.

	- Tel

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