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Re: [ProgSoc] bent over and ...

On Fri, 26 May 2000, Nigel Sheridan-Smith wrote:

> > Dr. Love did all of the code. The class diagrams are trivially derived
> from the code.
> >
> ACTUALLY to do it properly the class diagrams should be done well before any
> coding is done at all! Don't they even teach you that in CompSc???

Exactly. Rob hits this one hard in PSDA.

As I understand it, Dr Love's partner simply typed up and formatted his rough-cornered diagrams. This would seem to follow from the 'and other jobs below my dignity' part that Dr Love wrote.

I can understand this... I hated making the ovals fit the class names and drawing lines in Word. (I was ignorant of xfig at this stage.)

So I hand-drew the inheritance/client charts for assigns 2 and 3... and lost no marks for it either :p


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