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RE: [ProgSoc] The Progsoc Brick

Firstly - sorry for the crosspost, but I wanted to get everyone and wasn't
sure which list/s people are on.

So, your entire argument seems to consist of, "I like it".  Well fucking
done... now I know why I voted for you.  I don't remember seeing the brick
policy on your platform... seves me right for not reading it.

It may only be $50 (of our money) but it's still a waste of $50.  You
could buy two cases of beer and at least the members would get the dubious
pleasure of pissing it up against the wall.  But a brick, which will
probably not even be making a point of any sort, benefits no-one... not
even us.  You'd get better value for money in buying a Windows manual,
because there's a slight possibility that one out of the few hundred
members might actually read it.

Personally, a brick with www.progsoc.org written on it doesn't seem
"fun" to me, and I'd hate to see the criteria by which you'd call it
"worthwhile".  Unless you're hoping that come people who go to the
Olympic Village are such nerds that they'd not only write down or
otherwise record a web address, but then actually go and visit it
afterwards.  And what exactly does that accomplish?


On Mon, 22 May 2000, Christian Kent wrote:

> On Mon, 22 May 2000, alister air wrote:
> > If you're suggesting ProgSoc spend $50 on advertising at the Olympic
> > Village then I'd wonder how you could be serious.  Progsoc.org was bad
> > enough, but at least there is some sort of a point to it.  But a brick?
> I understand your point of view;  I don't agree with it;  however more
> importantly I think I see most members not agreeing with it.  This will
> probably go ahead unless a really good reason turns up or people start
> complaining a lot more than today.  FWIW I think it's fun and worthwhile.
> CK.

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