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Re: [ProgSoc] port scanning, mapping, and hiding

On Mon, 22 May 2000, Telford Tendys wrote:
 ] I wouldn't suggest a full port scan, just test one port here and
 ] one port there so you don't generate a lot of traffic and don't
 ] generally make a nuisance of yourself.

 Certainly.  I'm a very cautious guy.  :)   Though I'm curious
 about the distinction, from ZIP's point of view, about where
 their network and my network separates.  (I'd actually be
 port-scanning my network, technically -- or does it come
 down to who owns the IP address?  What's the legal
 situation with dynamically allocated IP addresses?  What's
 the legal situation with property rights on IP addresses outright?)

 Anyway, I'd be doing scanning whilst the machine lives on the
 ZIP connection -- with a view to it looking like a thoroughly
 brain-dead machine long before it gets cable-modemed.

 ] used by client software (i.e. ftp-data and whatever quake uses
 ] plus ICQ etc). That's what I would do if I wanted to ensure that
 ] I only allowed clueless consumers onto my network.

 Aha - but here you are assuming that the network itself is not
 owned and/or run by clueless administrators.  All evidence to
 the contrary notwithstanding . . .

 ] However, you know that their AUP is basically stating that
 ] only brain-dead consumers are allowed to use their network
 ] so I suggest that boycotting them completely and giving your
 ] money to someone else is a better option than being dishonest.
 ] Personally I'm happy to see Telstra polishing their boots
 ] and pulling up their socks in response to competition but I
 ] am disappointed with Optus and have personally decided that they
 ] are not worth bothering with.

 Yes.  The view from the ethical highground is pleasant, but currently
 limited to 56k, at best.  Telstra's service offering is more restrictive,
 in practice and in theory, than Optus' (AFAICT).  There's a good
 story on crikey.com this week, on the subject of BPA, and the
 monitoring / profiling that they may be doing of their customers :


 I suspect the URL may give away the tone of the article. :)  Anyhow,
 I'm happy to go with the *intent* of the Optus offering -- I'm not out
 to flood their network, offer services, yadda yadda.  This is no defence
 in a court of law, I know, but it does mean I'll be able to sleep at night.
 (More than could be said if I was required to use MS-Windows to
 read my mail.)

 And until other alternatives present themselves, such as [A]DSL, there's
 not much room to maneuvre.  I'm not satisfied with taking the rms approach
 of beating myself over the head, just cos it feels good.  (Even he was
 happy to use non-free BIOS's until the free version was released, although
 he didn't quite concede the point that easily.  ; )

 ] given limit (like triode.net.au). The more people vote with
 ] their dollars the faster the cable companies change their policy
 ] or else go broke and get taken over by someone who provides service.

 In an ideal world, yes, but we don't have genuine competition here.  Optus
 cable offering is limited to where they have cable, and they ain't putting
 any more cable out there.  I'm not sure of numbers, but it's got to be
 a relatively trivial max-market size <speculative>.  Telstra were happy to
 sit on their grossly inflated offering right up until the week after Optus
 finally released theirs.  Remember that BigBondCable was limited to
 100Mb download in any given month, and then something like $2 for
 every meatybyte after that.

 And changing ISP's every time one of them does something silly is
 a full time job.  ZIP used to be great, now they're sucky, but the tradoff
 between feeling smug versus the time, effort, and cash, in changing to
 triode,  TIG, etc, just doesn't compute.  That people who provide bad
 service go broke is a myth anyway, unfortunately.

 ] They are supposed to be offering you a service which you pay for;
 ] you wouldn't buy beer from a pub where you saw the bartender pissing
 ] in the glass would you?

 I tried so hard to think of a better analogy here ... bugger.  Uhm, I guess
 that if every pub sold beer replete with piss, and I had a compulsion for
 beer, I'd go for the one that charged the least for the extra piss.  Or the
 one that gave me the highest ratio of b:p.  Or the one that sold them to
 me in separate glasses, and didn't seem to mind if I just drank the
 chaser, and tipped the shot glass onto the floor.


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