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RE: [ProgSoc] The Progsoc Brick

On Mon, 22 May 2000, Christian Kent wrote:

> On Mon, 22 May 2000, alister air wrote:
> > If you're suggesting ProgSoc spend $50 on advertising at the Olympic
> > Village then I'd wonder how you could be serious.  Progsoc.org was bad
> > enough, but at least there is some sort of a point to it.  But a brick?
> I understand your point of view;  I don't agree with it;  however more
> importantly I think I see most members not agreeing with it.  This will
> probably go ahead unless a really good reason turns up or people start
> complaining a lot more than today.  FWIW I think it's fun and worthwhile.

Well, I'm sure there's definitely better things out there to spend $50
on...I mean, I reckon it's better not to waste anything on a brick that
won't really do anything even remotely productive for the members. :)

> CK.


Colin Yip
Freelance Bludger and Full-Time Lateral Thinker

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