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Re: [ProgSoc] port scanning, mapping, and hiding

>  Is it within the AUP to fiddle with port-scanning from ftoomsh
>  to my machine thru the ZIP network, say?  I'd be doing it
>  specifically to my IP address -- with the sole purpose of
>  ensuring that my linux box looks a lot less smart than it really is.

I wouldn't suggest a full port scan, just test one port here and
one port there so you don't generate a lot of traffic and don't
generally make a nuisance of yourself.

>  If so, what tools are good / allowable / user-level-runnable,
>  from ftoomsh (or elsewhere on progsoc machines) to do this
>  kind of portscanning?

telnet my.ip.number <port>

ftp my.ip.number

ssh my.ip.number


>  Is anyone between progsoc.uts.edu.au and the .zipworld.com.au
>  domains going to be monitoring / likely to get shirty / etc?

We monitor whenever a whole lot of ports get hit within a short
time, most likely a lot of other people do. Since Optus have a
``no server'' policy it would make sence of them to monitor ALL
incoming connects other than the ones that are well known to be
used by client software (i.e. ftp-data and whatever quake uses
plus ICQ etc). That's what I would do if I wanted to ensure that
I only allowed clueless consumers onto my network.

>  How legally <speculative> binding is it for a company to provide
>  a service that prohibits you from utilising an alternative operating
>  system, at some point in the future.  I mean - where does their
>  service stop, and my property / responsibility start?

That is indeed a very good question.

However, you know that their AUP is basically stating that
only brain-dead consumers are allowed to use their network
so I suggest that boycotting them completely and giving your
money to someone else is a better option than being dishonest.

Personally I'm happy to see Telstra polishing their boots
and pulling up their socks in response to competition but I
am disappointed with Optus and have personally decided that they
are not worth bothering with.

>  Note that I don't want to actually serve anything, or even run something
>  as harmless as smtp out from the box .. I just don't want to have to
>  dial-up to the net, concurrently, just so my flatmate and I can both read
>  our mail at the same time.

Which is still (strictly speaking) breaking their (possibly illegal)
AUP... You can buy an extra phone line and use an ISP who doesn't
care about masquerading so long as you keep the total bytes below the
given limit (like triode.net.au). The more people vote with
their dollars the faster the cable companies change their policy
or else go broke and get taken over by someone who provides service.

They are supposed to be offering you a service which you pay for;
you wouldn't buy beer from a pub where you saw the bartender pissing
in the glass would you?

Why to you find it acceptable when Optus gives you similar treatment?

	- Tel
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