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Re: [ProgSoc] join the dots?


a) perpindicular distance.

I have more thoughts on how to do the whole thing if you want to talk to me


Christian Kent wrote:

> On Mon, 1 May 2000, Andrew Thoms wrote:
> > 2.    find closest point to the line... draw two new lines... this
> > creates 1 new triangle
> Your plan sounds good.  I think I need a note on how to handle this step,
> seeing as there's no guarantee that any point is at a perpendicular
> distance from the line I'm measuring it from.
> I mean, does this mean I have to go through a case-basis and calculate
> either (a) perpendicular distance (b) distance from one end of line (c)
> distance from other end;  for each point ... and that's not to mention,
> how to determine which case to use.  <thinks> Option A involves a sine
> calculation I think, so maybe it goes negative with an error ... I'll do
> that again when I get 5 mins.
> CK.

Andrew Thoms
     Software Engineer
     Fac Engineering
     University of Technology, Sydney
     No 1 Broadway, Broadway 2007
     NSW, Australia

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