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Re: [ProgSoc] pentium processors

On Mon, 8 Feb 1999, Vik wrote:

> > BTW, what on earth is the difference between the (original) Celeron and a
> > Pentium MMX, besides clock speed?  Is it just a new naming?
> Erm - I know I initiated this discussion in the first place due to my
> ignorance of what the celeron was, but isn't a Celeron based on the
> Pentiium II architecture (minus cache), and a Pentium MMX based on the
> Origianl Pentium architecture with a few extra opcodes thrown in? Speaking

Ah yes, but then AFAIK the Pentium II, when it was announced, was said to
be a Pentium Pro with MMX.  The Pro, in turn, apparently had loads of
superduper cache* to make it better than the original Pentium.  So, remove
the cache, and you're left with a Pentium + MMX though at a faster clock
speed ... is just my proposition.

> of which, where doth the Pentium Pro fit into the picture?

*  Vik's descriptions are much more technical.  Read them instead  :)


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