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[ProgSoc] On the subject of Perm-IP (was : all kinds of guff)

 Howell Tam writes :

>     What I've been using all along is TIG/IHUG. Diamond account. $29.95 per
> month. Flat rate, no time or data charge.
>     It seems good so far. But sometimes it disconnects you. But anyway I've
> tried to connect there for about 4-5 days without disconnecting, while I've
> got a friend connected for more than 10 days without disconnecting.

 A friend of mine uses TIG, and likes them.  I think the problem he
 (and every other TIG user) suffers is that many people adopt the
 don't-bother-to-log-off approach to social responsibility, which
 means frequent BUSY signals, and a really chewed-up pipe from TIG
 to the rest of the world.  If you're happy with both those, then
 I guess there's no problem.

>     TIG/IHUG provides ISDN services too, but I don't know anyone who's using
> that. Anyway is ISDN a good choice to think about?

 ISDN is fast, digital, not widely deployed outside of businesses, 
 and as a consequence expensive.  You could consult Telstra for
 onramp prices, and the like, but it's important to note that you're
 charged on traffic usage for ISDN.  I'm not sure how ISP's providing
 ISDN access charge (if they pay Telstra, and then charge you for
 both fees - or if you pay both charges separately), but either way
 it could get mighty expensive mightly quick.

 Someone suggested Telstra BigPond (dial-up) for permament connection
 a little while back, in this thread.  Some (predictable) comment
 followed that this was a ludicrous suggestion.  I'm not sure why
 this is a ludicrous suggestion - since the person didn't offer any
 reasons, let alone $-figures comparing them to anyone else.  I'll
 state now that I work for Telstra (at least until Friday), and I
 use ZIP as my ISP.  I've little interest in permament internet
 connectivity.  I do know, though, that friends of mine have analysed
 the cost-structure of permament net connection offerings, and
 ended up choosing Telstra's.  (This isn't the cable modem offering,
 mind you.)  Perhaps if you're looking around, you should compare
 the *real* costs of a few different offerings, too.  As I understand
 it (and don't quote me on this), news, mail, and ftp/http to 'local'
 provisions (I don't know if this includes a mirror of Debian, say),
 don't get counted towards your 100Mb limit.  This is the same for
 cable, I believe.

 If you want a second opinion, check with the guy who runs linux.org.au,
 as he seems to be happy with Telstra's permament dial-up offering.

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