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Re: What is the best bargain? (was RE: [ProgSoc] Permanent Connection...)

> How much is that. for the 100 hr/month connection? and from
>which ISP provider? I am looking for a good quote, so anyone has any
>suggestion? preferably around 100hr/month with unlimited download, oh,
>and fast enough for gaming :)
> just a thought, if u have a permanent connection, it may be cool
>to write a little bot to search and download stuff, then burn it onto a
> Thanks :)

    What I've been using all along is TIG/IHUG. Diamond account. $29.95 per
month. Flat rate, no time or data charge.

    It seems good so far. But sometimes it disconnects you. But anyway I've
tried to connect there for about 4-5 days without disconnecting, while I've
got a friend connected for more than 10 days without disconnecting.

    TIG/IHUG provides ISDN services too, but I don't know anyone who's using
that. Anyway is ISDN a good choice to think about?


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