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[ProgSoc] html sniffing program

I'm looking for a way to (or a piece of software that will):

1.    Capture html information coming in to the browser as source
2.    Put the html source in to a "log" file
3.    Work in Internet Explorer 3.02 for Windows 3.1 :-)

Alternatively, a server-side html capture tool that reads from the same
port as the server would be acceptable. It would be a big plus if it
could also log the html into separate files based on the address to
which it was pumping it. This would need to run on Solaris 2.6.

Thanks in Advance,

Bryn Price			bryn@nospam.forge.com.au
Forge Research Pty Ltd		Ph:  +61 9209 4152 
http://www.forge.com.au		Fax: +61 9209 4172

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