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[ProgSoc] RE: Westpac Part Time Employment

>From: "CROWE, Keith" <kcrowe@nospam.westpac.com.au>
>To: "'des@nospam.mcs.uts.edu.au'" <des@nospam.mcs.uts.edu.au>
>Subject: RE: Westpac Part Time Employment
>Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 17:43:01 +1100
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>Hi Des
>Here is the job description we discussed.
>If you could make it available to your students I would appreciate that.
>thanks and happy new year

Graduate Position Description - 1999 Intake

Position	Associate Consultant

Team 	Year 2000 Business Program PC Support

	Year 2000 Business Program
Office Location
	5th Floor, 140 Phillip St,  Sydney
Expected time in role
	6 months

Your graduate's role

We are a small team and provide Y2K technical support to all business units
with in Westpac, it is a great area to come and pick up a wide range of
different skills across a number of platforms. You will be exposed to
Excel, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Lotus Notes and Intranet
/ Internet programming languages.

The role encompasses analysis, design, code/test and implementation of
business and technical maintenance tasks which will assist a business unit
to achieve Y2K readiness. Once you have familiarised yourself with the
business unit's processes, you will be involved in providing technical
support for data remediation to the business units.


You can develop your communication skills as the job requires very close
and constant liaison with the business community. The variety of systems
supported allows you to build up strong problem solving and interpersonal


There are a number of courses that we provide to familiarise you with the
Westpac environment. Westpac also provide a range of computer based
training available on diskettes or CD covering everything from Microsoft
Office tools, to time management, to customer relationship building and
everything in between !

System description

The team provides all business unit's within Westpac with technical support
in regards to Y2K compliancy status of products and services. To facilitate
this we have established a central technical support team which will assist
the  Business unit's with data remeadiation. You will be required to
provide the business unit's with relevant technical support.

Major team activities

This team mainly supports the business unit's with Y2K compliance of their
desktop PC's.

Team structure

We are a small team, made up of 13 team members. We have a chief manager,
senior manager and various project managers.
For more information please call or write to Keith Crowe (02 9226 0867,
kcrowe@nospam.westpac.com.au) or Joe Costa (02 9226 6493, jcosta@nospam.westpac.com.au)

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